For Laughs

And The Crowd Goes Wild

I have a confession about myself not at all steeping in the waters of arrogance. It is truly something that I am fantastic at, and today I feel as though I need to make that fact widely known to the world outside of my immediate sphere. And here it is:

I am absolutely amazing at giving pep talks.

Yes, it is true. I am fantastic at it. I am so good at it, in fact, that whenever I am having a bad day I think back to all of my old pep talks I’ve given to others, roll my eyes, and wish I could take my own splendid advice.

When I began this blog, in the back of my mind I had this little inkling that if my blog ever made it big it would be due to this incredible gift I have. I’d write some amazing, inspirational post with an phenomenal title and before you knew it I’d be Blogger of the Year.

Well, not only was this fantasy jumping to a lot of conclusions (and right over the idea the awards don’t matter because my blog is, if nothing else, just a fun place for me to spend my time) but it was also that: a fantasy. I’ve yet to figure out why, but my really obscure posts that are generally about nothing at all are the ones that receive the most attention. When I actually put a great deal of effort into a post, wording it just so, formatting it, placing the right pictures, pouring my heart and soul into the project, I may receive a view from some person who wrote something in a search engine somewhere and ended up in my world.

Does anybody have the answer to this strange reality?

Because it has brought me to an interesting place in my life today. I’ve decided that if my blog ever does skyrocket and become this huge thing, it will be for a different reason entirely.

It will be because I am hilarious.

And that is all.


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