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Record Player Blue

beautiful-st-anthony-idahoThere is something about a summer evening, something that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to describe. Summer evenings in my world are an incredible thing. The air begins to get cool after a hot day, and the golden sunlight filters through the wheat that is growing beautifully. It smells incredible. There is a slight breeze, and the birds seem to have a lot to chirp about. The sky is a change from day blue to gold to pink, just before the sun says good night.

Amidst this scene I am surrounded by tonight, I carry an extra feather of happiness in my heart. It may not seem like much to the world at large, but it is a bit of happiness to me. It comes in the form of a record dinoplayer that has recently come into my life, the color is blue. No, it isn’t old or heirloom or anything like that, in fact it is brand new. And though I will be the first to affirm that money or possessions do not equal happiness, the record player has certainly brought me a great deal of joy.

The very first record I played on it was the greatest hits of Dean Martin. It was fabulous. No, interestingly enough, I did not decide to break it in with a Frank Sinatra record. I set it up outside on our deck that overlooks the wheat fields and enjoyed a bit of “Volare”, “That’s Amore”, and “The Street Where You Live”. It was a perfect moment. There is simply nothing better than just being in your world, and enjoying the things that make you the happiest.


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