I'm Just Saying

10 Open Notes

Dear Fellow Blogger,

Thank you for…all of the things. I can’t

help but wonder why we haven’t talked

much since I’ve been home. But that’s okay.

You’re still as wonderful as ever. I guess it

could be said that you’re a big hero of mine.

Keep shining!

Keep sharing!



 Dear L.P,

I’ve always known my mind could be my greatest

asset or my greatest enemy. With you, I think I know

which one it was. The funny thing is, you’ll never know

anything about this. Because I’ll never tell you. There

are too many “might have been’s” with you. I do wish

I could tell you that I’m grateful for our friendship,

and for all the memories. I wish you the best of luck

and happiness. You deserve it.



Dear Followers,

The posts have been a little on the gloomy side

of late. I’m sorry about that. This particular note is me

sending out hugs and confetti to all of you. It is a well known

fact that I’m hilarious, let’s just admit it. But I guess we all

go through more contemplative phases. *Shrugging shoulders*

Love y’all!


Incorrigibly Me

Dear Linen,

I’m just not your biggest fan, okay? You get so wrinkly

and I really don’t appreciate it. There are plenty

of others who love you. I’m sorry. But it’s definitely you,

not me.


I Go For Cotton…and possibly cashmere

Dear New Blogging Friend,

What a pleasure it is to have you in my blogging

life! I enjoy your posts and views on living

so very much. I also appreciate your support

immensely. I don’t know about you, but in my world

we’re pretty close buddies. Thanks for being you!



Dear Readers,

What can I do to enhance your experience on my blog?

I know I’m always saying that awards and followers and things

don’t matter, which is true, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t

want you to have a pleasant experience when you visit.

And suggestions?


This Blogger

Dear Fellow Writers,

This novel I’m working on right now is really beating me up!

I’ve never had an experience like this before. Do y’all get this

into your work? Or is it just better to think of it as a “project”?

I think the reason it’s so hard is because this book really

closely mirrors my life right now, and I didn’t even notice

that until recently. That could be why writing it is…hard.



Writing and Living

Dear People I Know,

If I haven’t really spoken to you since I’ve been home,

please don’t take it too personally.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like people-ing.


Home From A Mission

Dear Life,

I’ve got some things I want to do, okay?

This is me kindly asking you to step aside

so that I can do them.

Thank you.


Going For It

Dear Mom,

You’re hilarious. And I love you.


Your Daughter


2 thoughts on “10 Open Notes”

    1. A couple of different things actually. First of all, lots of bloggers I follow have been doing this “Open Letter” thing lately, and I’ve always thought that it was an interesting idea and wanted to try it. And there were several people that I just really wanted to say a few things to, but I’m generally not a confrontational person. I usually express myself through writing, not by cornering people and making them listen to me. So I decided to use the open letter idea and then say all of these things that I really needed to say. And there you have it! The deep insights into my writing process!

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