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My sister once taught me something very important about apologies. I’ll never forget it. She was having an argument with one of her friends, and in the particular situation my sister had done nothing to purposefully offend her friend. But she told me that she was going to apologize anyway. I was shocked by this and remember saying, “But it’s not your fault!” She then turned to me, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Jordan, sometimes you have to apologize even when it’s not your fault.”

This was a very powerful moment in my life. One I couldn’t forget even if I tried. Not only did she teach me an incredibly powerful lesson in that moment, but she armed me with tools to use later. I’ve used this life lesson innumerable times since that day. Today, I’d like to use it again. I’ve got quite a few good friends who tell me that I say “I’m sorry” too much. While that can be true, and definitely is at times, this is not one of them.

The last couple of weeks on this blog have been a little rough. I feel like, in more than a few instances, I’ve taken some things out you, my readers. Especially a few days ago. I was insanely grumpy and angry that day, for absolutely no reason except for that I was tired and feeling under the weather and literally everything was making me angry. I deleted the posts that I published that day, but I think a few of you still saw them. If you did, I’m apologizing right now, and if you didn’t, I’m still apologizing.

You see, largely I don’t feel like I have to apologize for the content of this blog. I’m an honest, hardworking, religious individual who just posts her views of this crazy thing called life. I don’t post anything crass or vulgar or anything of that nature. And to be honest, the posts that I published in my anger really weren’t offensive. They were just me venting about how sometimes people really, really disappoint you and that isn’t fun.

So even though there may be nothing to apologize for, I’m still apologizing. And I’m doing it because I like to think of my blog as a happy place, a lovely place, a funny place…anything but dark, depressing, or angry. And though we all feel that way sometimes, there are better ways to talk it out or blog about it than the ones I chose. I was very angry, yes, but that’s no reason to rant about it in a stupid post and blame it on people who have done nothing but support me.

So, if you’ve gotten this far in my apology post, thank you for reading. And I’m sorry. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see posted, or any changes you’d suggest to Call Me Incorrigible. I love y’all!


2 thoughts on “Apology”

  1. First of all, its okay to write a bad post. You are angry and you have every right to show it. Hell it is your CIVIC RIGHT! Blog isn’t just a happy place, it is YOUR personal space. Even if it means venting your frustration out here then do it. I couldn’t read what you wrote but you know what? If i had i would have said it will be fine Jordan. Even if you had called me(reader) the most vile things possible. Because i understand the anger.
    What is the purpose to blog if not to understand one another and ourselves?

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! I’ve been thinking about the whole situation A LOT and this definitely helps. I love what you said about understanding one another and ourselves. Everything isn’t always happy, and we all go through rough patches. I will remember this next time. Thank you!

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