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What My Favorite Book Taught Me

Even though there are about…countless books in this world, I definitely have a favorite. Which is actually really strange because I can usually never make a decision about favorites. There are simply too many wonderful things on this earth to be able to choose a favorite of anything. And since I’m really into literature, you’d think this task would be monumentally impossible. However, it isn’t.

e8efa5a14ab4ed2ee88b44fe464f2034Pride and Prejudice. Yes, yes it is true. My favorite book on this planet is Pride and Prejudice. I absolutely love Jane Austen, and Pride and Prejudice is fantastic. To be honest, I love it for all of the cliche reasons. You know Mr. Darcy, are they actually going to end up together, all of that. But I love it because it’s so real. Elizabeth Bennett is such a real character. She loves her sisters so much, and she wants the best for them.

I love Pride and Prejudice for the romance and for that happy ending all of that. But I love it7662faeac204c09e22d3cdc79f658c69 for the familial love as well. Elizabeth would do anything for her sisters. You always get this sense that even though she isn’t the oldest in the family, she feels responsible for all of her sisters and for their happiness. Pride and Prejudice isn’t just about finding somebody you love and getting married and all of that jazz. It’s about looking out for your family and putting their happiness on your priority list.

And for that, I have to say, thank-you Jane Austen.


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