Just Writing

It Shall Set You Free

It Shall Set You Free

There are currents in the mind
Just like a river
Just like the ocean
It never stays still
Though perhaps, it may seem calm

There is rushing, churning, depth
Places of deep dark
Places of white light
We seek, so to find
Known in balance with unknown

Scratch or skim the wide surface
What creates your laugh
What creates your tears
What, or who, are you
Drops in limitless supply

So complex but so simple
Answers and questions
Tales of yes and no
Before the gray light
Complex out of our thinking

Dive a little deeper now
Schools of fish and thought
Sands of shore and time
Seaweed and feeling
We learn, but do not apply

Tap, Tap, Tap, just a whisper
Where are the answers
What are the questions
We knew, yet still sought
Confused by confusion

Words are precious, please don’t waste
Create to inspire
Inspire to spread joy
Hard enough later
Live in what you know, right now


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