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I think there comes a time in everybody’s life when the fog melts away. When you wake up. It’s probably not one simple moment, a single second, though it could be. For me, it’s been happening over a period of months.

And here is one of the things I’ve decided: Stop. Just….stop.

shadowsI used to think that it was a good thing to spend hours writing an obscure blog post or poem or playing around with a book idea. There are benefits to that, sure, but one thing I’ve started noticing a lot recently is that no matter how much obscurity we dabble in, we never seem to shed light.

To the world at large, age old questions still go unanswered and mysteries are still unsolved. Now, here, in this age of information and innovation, many people are STILL wondering what the purpose of life is.

I used to spend all my spare time philosophizing about vague ideas and then I’d end up nowhere, just more lost than when I started and with nothing to show for it. Answer me this, could it be possible that in the midst of “figuring things out” we actually do the exact opposite? Do we make ourselves more confused?

I keep thinking things like: stop wondering and just DO something! Stop trying to write obscure poems and inspirational blog posts and actually do what you keep talking about: be real for just a second. I’ve talked about how I want this blog to be a happy place, and I do. I want it be a very happy place, a place where I can dream and inspire and come up with real ideas. But the truth is that I can’t do that if I keep running my brain in circles about things that don’t need it.

It isn’t that I need all the answers, want all the answers, or have all the answers. It is that I only want the answers I have, and I have all the answers I need. Either already in my mind, or where I can find them.

Unlike many others, I do not think I need to know all the mysteries of the universe and have all the answers. Because, if you think about it realistically, we are only human after all. We cry when we feel pain and laugh at the simplest joke. And while our base simplicity is beautiful and natural to who we are, I don’t pretend that, even if I did know all the answers, that I would understand them. I’m not perfect. Oh, so very far from it, in fact. But I can do my best.

Life is not about finding a perfect catchphrase and living by it. I mean, can you think of a better way to dumb down your Split Rock Lighthouse on Minnesota's North Shorepotential? Life isn’t about life hacks, motivational quotes, blog posts, or Saturday night.

I think that, in the midst of this avalanche of words and ideas and opinions that we sift through and drown in, we have lost the simplicity. We have lost what it means to truly innovate, truly inspire, and truly create. It isn’t about finding every answer or solution. Because no matter how many answers or solutions we find, there will always be more to find. That’s just the way life is.

Normally, I’d write this post and send it to trash. Because it doesn’t fit my usual way of writing or doing things. But today I’m not going to do that. I’ll make this bold and edgy move where I post exactly what I’ve been thinking about, exactly as I’ve thought it.

There is a difference between walking in light, spreading it, and helping to create in than wallowing in obscurity and never making it out of the shadows. The thing is, you’ll never understand that until you leave them behind.Trust me.

Stop limiting yourself. Wake up.


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