Aftermath Of Ideas

lightbulbSometimes, as humans, we get really great ideas. They hit us out of nowhere, out of somewhere, and we can’t believe it. When I am hit with a good idea, I literally feel elevated, as if I’m floating. My excitement soars within me and I cannot think or focus on anything until I’ve acted upon this good idea in some form or fashion.

Well, last night, just before sleep overtook me, I was a genius. I literally came up with the BEST idea for a blog post in the entire world. It was going to incorporate all of the things….whatever they may be. It was going to be that post I’ve been waiting for. I remember that feeling of total excitement, my mind began running a million miles an hour and I almost got up right then and there and wrote it. But then, suddenly, sleep came.

And now, the aftermath.

I cannot, for the life of me, remember what that idea was.

Sleep totally wiped it away. All I remember now is how excited I got. How perfect it was going to be. I imagined how I’d foxbegin it, what wording to use, how it would feel when I read it. I imagined all of that in the space of about 5 seconds. It has been about a week since I posted something, and I thought, “This is perfect! Oh, what an amazing post this will be after a week of absence!” And then I fell asleep, and the idea is no more.

Vaguely, very, very vaguely I think it had something to do with poetry, not a poem, just involving poetry – and foxes. But honestly, that could’ve just been in my dreams somewhere. And now we’re all sitting here, wondering what we could’ve been writing/reading in place of this hazy recollection.

I wish I knew.


5 thoughts on “Aftermath Of Ideas

  1. I’ve so been like this as well, and only wished I had a note book and pen with me. I’ve sometimes surprised myself by putting a poem together while out walking the dog and then by the time I get back it’s all gone! I’ve done the same with great photo opportunities only to have forgotten to bring my iPhone with me.

    • It is such a real thing!! I guess we all just need to get in the habit of having a camera and notebook permanently attached to our person!

    • Hhmm….I have absolutely no clue! You’re the first person to have that happen, or to at least tell me about it. Weird! I’m sorry if that made it hard to read. But it’s lovely to see you around again! I hope work is going well!

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