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These Things Will Change

obligationI have been talking about change a lot in the past months. It’s because my life has been going through a lot of changes, and therefore I have been going through a lot of changes.

The subject of change has always been pretty interesting to me. I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m not famous for being super great with change in general. But today I want to talk about a specific type of change that has gotten me really, really excited. Not the kind of change where people move or die or you have to grow up or change jobs or anything like that. Today I want to talk about the type of change that can happen inside of us. Personal change.

Personal change is absolutely amazing, and a crucial part of life. It can also be incredibly hard. Yesterday I had the most amazing experience with change.

Years ago, I had this habit. It wasn’t  a good habit, something that always left me feeling not very great. I think we’ve all had habits like that, from procrastinating to eating way too much junk food. Yesterday, out of nowhere and for some crazy reason, I randomly did it again.

And guess what?

I literally felt nothing. Years ago, it was a habit. Something that I just did without thinking and then I’d feel horrible afterwards. Yesterday, the only thing I thought was: Wow. I’m not that person at all anymore.

I think the reason for all of that happening was so that I could have the experience of knowing that I’m a completely different person now than I was then, and that old habits can be broken and have been broken. There is an absolutely incredible power in deciding to change. The moment that you decide to change, the moment you decide to be different, you already are. You are already changed. You are already better than you were five minutes before. fresh start

We can change for the better. Ourselves and the world. Change can be hard, but it can be the most incredible thing in the world. The blessing of being able to change ourselves and become better people is one that I can’t express enough gratitude for. It takes bravery and strength, but it is the most freeing thing imaginable to leave bad habits behind and know that you have become a better person.

The walls can fall down, the cobwebs can be cleared away. Decide it is so, make it so. And in that moment, feel how you are already better. Things can change. Things will change. Things have changed.


8 thoughts on “These Things Will Change”

    1. Of course! That’s exactly what I meant to do. It doesn’t matter what my habit was as long as whoever reads this can apply it to something they want to change about themselves.

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