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Pick A Flaw, Any Flaw

new cardsA friend of mine recently read what I have written in my novel so far. In her remarks about it, she had all good things to say. Except for the following: apparently, one of the characters doesn’t seem to have any flaws. My first thought at this was, “Well, yeah. Of course!” But then I realized that that is a) neither realistic nor fair to future readers and b) it could quickly become a pattern in all of my future works. My decision? There will now be a new canvas to my creative process. I have officially named it: Pick A Flaw, Any Flaw.

Not fully accurate, perhaps, but apparently necessary.


5 thoughts on “Pick A Flaw, Any Flaw”

    1. It was exciting! And a little bit scary! I appreciate your comment though because once I got thinking about this character in depth I realized some things that could come across as flaws that are just naturally who that character is. So you’re totally right!

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