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My Scottish October

autumnToday I could write about a lot of things. Autumn is in full swing: my favorite season of the year. It always seems to speak to me, as if I could hear a great secret or story if I just listened well enough. Many things pull and tug at me, sending creativity in scattered directions and attentions on many different emotions.

While autumn always inspires me like nothing else, it also leaves me on a sort of edge. I stare at the world in awe, wondering how such brilliant colors can spring forth, wondering what secrets these old colors know. While in winter all sleeps, and spring all grows, and in summer all is young and wild, autumn seems to me very old and wise. It draws out the beautiful things as well as the fact that all is about to sleep.

There is an intense beauty in the tragedy of it all. The leaves are dying, and yet they’ve never been more bright. There is nothing we can do to stop the passage of time, or the occurrence of this brilliance just before sleep. But we can enjoy it. We can walk through the woods, take pictures of the brilliance, sit in the wisdom that autumn is. It may be a tragedy in a way, but it is also the most beautiful thing in the world. And I think that’s the real lesson to be learned. We have to find beauty. Because it truly is everywhere. And the beautiful things are an amazing blessing.

The air is crisp and sharp, inviting in a way. The smell of wood smoke clings to the air, harvest is in full swing. And today it highlandsis cloudy, and some seeds are growing across from the house in a field as if they forgot it’s October.

My ancestors came to America from Scotland. My ancestry is very important to me, and always has been. I’m not sure if that’s the case with most people, but I genuinely feel that all of that is a part of me somewhere. And I never feel it more keenly than I do in the autumn. The season always leaves me reflecting on where I’ve come from. For me my ancestry is an undeniable part of that.

And I suppose that these are my observations for the day. Take them how you will. Maybe they’ll add something to your day or maybe they won’t. As for me, I think it’s time for bagpipes, hot chocolate, and pumpkin cake.


2 thoughts on “My Scottish October”

    1. Thank you very much! Posts like this are always a little up in the air because I have such a hard time explaining what I’m feeling when it comes to this kind of thing.But yes, my ancestry is very Scottish!

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