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Do Be Do Be Do

wordsSometimes the words just never stop coming. It’s almost as if I can’t even think fast enough for how my brain is racing, how the words are flowing. Word by word, stitch by stitch, I create lives and stories as real to me as anything. My younger sister often jokes about how authors don’t seem to have any feelings. I always laugh at her, because as an avid reader myself I’ve always been inclined to the same way of thinking. But then I reflect back on my own writing and I have to wonder. Is that true?

I don’t ever want to be a writer who is accused of not having feelings.

A lot of that stems from the fact that the story is just as much an adventure for me as it would be for any reader. Sure, I know the main points, the beginning, middle, the end, what I intend to come across. But much of it is a process of discovering people and their story, and in that process discovering something about myself as well. I’ve felt my heart soar within me or begin to break as I write just as often as I’ve felt it do so while reading.

It’s makes me wonder at this amazing thing: creation.c4ed31507757e58a25601d14804d0adc

Do you realize that when we create something, anything, whether it be a story, poem, painting, picture, building, medicine, or satellite that we are being something far beyond humanity? In the power of creation lies something divine. In the power to create lies a gift from God, He who created everything. And He gave us that very same ability to create, to inspire. Can you even imagine that?

To create is an incredible gift. Something that I’ve been pondering about a lot recently is the journeys each of us go on, how many people throw the phrase of “finding myself” out and “figuring it out”. I’ve even blogged about how those phrases are beginning to grate at my nerves, slowly chipping them away until I want to scream that they are just excuses for why we aren’t doing the right things when we know we should be.

Trust me, I’ve done a lot of “figuring things out”.

And yes, some of it was genuine. So genuine that it was crazy and wonderful and, because of God, I did find the way. I did find the answers. But all too often I fear that we get lost in these phrases as a way of explaining what we’re avoiding.

simple lifeIt just makes me want to shout at the top of my lungs for everybody to stop hiding. Stop hiding behind excuses and create something incredible. Stop hiding behind excuses and do the right thing. Stop chasing shadows and drama and excitement and just walk into the light. Realize that life is pretty simple at the end of the day. And wonderful and amazing. Happiness is actually a very simple thing. Happiness is a glass of milk. Running into an old friend at the perfect moment and meeting her new baby. Happiness is simple.

And you don’t have to travel the world or drink coffee in a million shops or meet a thousand strangers to realize that. (I don’t even drink coffee, and guess what? I still stay awake every day and have lots of enjoyable times. No harm done.) Stop chasing shadows and just be a good person. Do good things. And the rest will come.

So many people these days don’t believe in God, or even in any form of higher power. My heart literally breaks for them.

At some point we’ve all got to realize that coincidences do not happen, that we are so much smaller than we think and so much bigger at the same time. Why? Because of God. There is something so much more than us, so much more than this. And it isn’t some massive mathematical or scientific equation. he loves us

I believe that God and science are not separate things. Think about it. Look around you. If God truly did create this world we live in, from the tiniest grain of sand to the biggest mountain, don’t you think He would have to do something scientific in that? I believe that God created everything, and therefore He created science, and therefore He knows it and He uses it. It does not have to be one thing or the other.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

God loves us. And, ladies and gentlemen, God is truly amazing. I’ve been sitting here tonight, writing my novel at an exceedingly rapid speed awed in the talent God has blessed me with and hoping that somehow, someday, perhaps, maybe, I’ll influence somebody somewhere for good.

I can create lives with words, marching across a page in sentences of a story. I’ve never known for sure where they come from, or how I can do it. I just can. Because of God.

do be do be doI create, because there is so much more in me than I know. You create, because there is so much more in you than you know. Sometimes I believe we over complicate life in order to make sense of it, though that in itself makes no sense at all. Do good. Be good. Create. Be here now, live here now. Be in the right place at the right time. Believe in something bigger than yourself.

And I promise you that the rest will come.


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