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Thought Process

The point has always been to share. Ever since my very first post on Call Me Incorrigible, which I believe was a post about how Shakespeare is nothing to fear but a miraculous and magical gift, the point has always been to just share. Share my writing, share my observations, share my laughter and my tears and all that I felt I could share. So that maybe, possibly, somewhere and somehow my observations and stories might bless the life of somebody else.

Many of you have been here with me through a lot of hard things, through a million late night posts and even more obscure posts about how much I love autumn or Christmas or music. Posts about my family, writing, faith, and Frank Sinatra. My blog has stretched me to try and explain things that I’ve always kept very close to my heart simply because I couldn’t think of a way to share that with others.

When I’m not blogging, I’m constantly thinking of things to share with you. Thinking of ways I’ll word my experiences, how I say it, what point I’ll try to make, even if it’s just to help you laugh.

For example, last night I went to the zoo with my nephews for a Halloween activity. They were being so, so rowdy and it was such a chore to keep them all together and safe. By the time we got them to the car we were just worn out with chasing so many busy little bodies all over creation and I said to my nephew, “Get in your booster seat or I will cut you!” Well, because he’s five he didn’t really understand that that’s something funny that you’d find on an ecard or meme. He was actually quite offended and said to his mother, “Jordan just said she’d cut me to pieces!” (As a side note I believe he gets his embellishments and tendency to exaggerate from me.) Well, I could only respond with, “Sweetie, it’s a popular cultural joke. I would never actually cut you.” Even though I’m fairly certain he didn’t understand any of that, he laughed anyway and we went on our merry way.

It’s been 10 days since my last blog post, a day in which my heart was very full. Today I’m sitting here, wondering if any of these things that I’ve shared with you have truly made a difference. Not in a depressed sort of way, just curiously wondering. A lot of the time I think I blog for myself, to think out loud in a way and get my thoughts and feelings out to a different audience with different tastes and views. That has been very good for me. The support I’ve received from many of you has been very valuable to me.

My blog has never been the “10 Ways To Be More Successful” or the “here’s the next chapter of my book, what do you think?” sort of blog. With that comes great freedom, which is why I did this in the first place. I wanted this space to be all my own, whatever I wanted it to be on the given day, and I feel that that has been a success.

So I suppose that today I’m sharing with you my thoughts and questions on sharing. It’s been one of those posts where I don’t really know where it’s headed, like a thought process that I watch happen. And….yep. I think it’s over.


5 thoughts on “Thought Process”

  1. I haven’t followed your blog in any way, because I’m really new to all of this. But when I read your first words about sharing, it felt like reading my own writing. It’s funny how you have grown and I’m just starting. I think your words and story’s should’ve helped some people out. Defiantly keeping an eye on your blog! X

  2. hey jordan!

    Nice nephew story btw. I usually say I will give them a nice tight slap but yeah I will cut you should also work.\

    Think of this less of a sharing to make a difference and more of a conversation. You want to make a difference then share the things that trouble you, pour your heart out so that you feel alright firstly and importantly. Secondly if someone, maybe someone relates to your tale then it becomes a conversation about your shared experiences

    Good luck!

    1. Hello, hello, hello!!!
      This is me emotionally jumping up and down because it’s so good to see you around again! How are you?
      Okay, I love your thoughts about just thinking of it as a conversation! I’ve never thought of a blog post in this way before, or any writing for that matter. I think it’s definitely going to help! Thank you!

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