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Get Out Of The Way!!

roadToday I stumbled across the most ridiculous, amazing, crazy, and wonderful realization ever. It has to do with my writing.

I’ve always just been able to write. Every time I wanted to write something it just came. I never had to write outlines, I never had to brainstorm, I never had to think too hard about it. The stories just came.

The older I got, the harder it was for me to write. This bothered me, but mostly I tried to ignore it. The stories weren’t flowing out of me as freely anymore, I started to worry that my talent was slipping away.

And today I realized why. I work in a book store. Today an older gentleman came in to buy some Christmas cards and I was helping him check out he said to me, “Do you have journals here?”

“Yes!” I replied enthusiastically, because our journals section is literally to die for and has gotten me into trouble on numerous occasions. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has about 200 journals they need to write in?) I showed him where they were and he said something that struck me.

“My granddaughter is a writer and I just think she’d really enjoy that! She just loves to get out there and write!”

And I realized what has been standing in my way the past couple of years.


I have been standing in my own way. I’ve been so busy thinking about visiblewriting that I haven’t actually given myself the freedom to sit down and write. I’ve worried so much about my writing developing, what I’ll do with a book once I’ve finished it, and everything else that it has totally stopped up the writing process for me. Writing used to be therapeutic. Something that I had to do to stay sane, something that brought me to my core and helped me feel wonderful.

And then I got in my own way. Like I said, I started thinking about writing so much that I forgot to just…write. I forgot that if I’ve got talent, whether it’s a thimble full or a mountain of it, I’ve got to let that be my guide. My writing will naturally develop because I am developing as a person. The things I’ve gotten so caught up in aren’t really that big of a deal.

So, there is the summary. Get out of your own way!

Just. WRITE.


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