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I Could Talk

lightsI have been in the blog post mood all day long. Yep. Many of you will probably identify with this. I definitely have a specific mood that clearly reads, “Write a fantastic blog post today.” And today that mood has been mine.

Much of the time when I get this mood, something curbs it. Suddenly my creative juices are just…gone. Sometimes I get so worked up about what I’m going to write or what people will say about it that I can’t even handle it and then I end up posting a meme and a post about something nonsensical.

Don’t get me wrong, those posts have been known to be awesome. Some of my funniest posts of all time, really. But today that’s really not what I’m thinking.


I could talk with you about Christmas, and about how much I love it. I could talk about how I don’t understand the “stress of the holidays” mentality. I mean…we’ve known all year long that this was coming. Why didn’t you prepare, people??

When it comes to people being stressed out and freaked out during the holidays, I’m afraid I must quote Erin from the U.S version of The Office when she said very wisely, “I just don’t get it! I’m sorry! I just- I don’t get it!” snowy house

Here’s the way I see it. I celebrate Christmas because I’m a Christian and I love to celebrate the birth of my Savior. And if I truly am celebrating Him, then everything that I do this season is in service to others and is my offering to Him. And therefore, I do not feel stressed. I just feel love and peace. Those glorious things we’re all supposed to feel during Christmas.


I could also talk about college. I am returning to college in January after a very long time away and…I’m a little nervous. Mostly because I’ve transferred schools and so now I feel like a freshman all over again. Which isn’t the greatest feeling ever.


booksI could talk about my novel. It’s coming along so beautifully!! Which is the greatest news on the planet because it’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to write with such fluidity. I’m finally back into that groove of writing where I’m just really, really enjoying it.

Interestingly enough, one of the things that has contributed to this is the mentality of: is this necessary? If something isn’t necessary or at least semi-necessary to the plot, I cut it out immediately. At first I was worried that length would suffer, because I believe that length is a very essential element of a good novel, but I feel as though that part is working itself out. It’s brilliant!


I could talk about how I got a new nephew the other day. He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and is 20 inches long. He’s so tiny and completely perfect. It was an incredible blessing in our family. Both he and my sister are doing very well. What an amazing reminder of what this time of year is really about.


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