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Between Yesterday & Tomorrow

Yesterday I talked about plans. I talked about the future. There was also movies tied into that somehow. I talked about how life is like a movie, but one we are in charge of.


But today I want to look in a different place. Instead of talking about changing our lives or what we’re going to do to make 2016 the greatest thing ever, I want to talk about right now. This very moment. This very second.

I will be the very first to admit that I’m really terrible about “living in the now” as they say. If you look over most of my blog posts, I’m either talking about what I want to have happen, or what has happened. I’m constantly bouncing back and forth between yesterday and tomorrow, and I can never seem to land right here. Right now.

When I see a beautiful sunset, experience a brilliant moment, the first thing I do is wonder if I’ll be able to remember it when it’s over. But that’s not the way it should be. It’s time it enjoy it. Enjoy every second, fully, not just wonder back on it.

Right here, right now is a very good place. To live in this moment is a great gift. How do you live right now? Let’s do it together. Celebrate right now. This very moment.


2 thoughts on “Between Yesterday & Tomorrow”

    1. Thank you for the feedback! My problem is that while my blog isn’t technically anonymous as it once was, I still feel very protective of my life and I try not to overshare. I think in trying to that I may be too extreme and speak too abstractly. I’ll work on it! Stay tuned!

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