For Laughs

The History Of Serious

If you ever come to a point in your blogging life where you have no idea what to do: this post is for you. If you are sitting in front of your blog, looking at a blinking cursor and a straight line of views: this post is for you.

I have all the answers to your problems. Actually, there is really only one answer. Go to Google, type in “topic generator”, click on the first option, and follow all directions.

You will be given 5 blog post titles, 5 magical ideas that will change your world and revamp your blog. This just might be the exact thing you need on this, the first day of 2016, to really kick off the year correctly. Choose one of these titles, and then use it right away.

You might think I’m kidding. But I am not. I am totally serious. This is serious. Your blog is serious. This year is serious. Don’t do it for me. Do it for you. For your blog. Change history. Seriously.


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