I Was Wondering

Socially Acceptable

elevatorLet’s talk elevators. I have discovered this past week, since returning to school, that I am a huge advocate for elevators. Whoever invented elevators had better have a medal of some kind. Elevators are amazing and if it came to elevator rights, I would be on the front lines every. single. time.

In fact, if this were an instagram post, I would invent #elevatorrights. Just did, actually, so use it!

But here’s my problem: why do I get nasty looks from the masses climbing the ridiculous amount of stairs while I patiently wait for the elevator? And moreover, why do I give in to this social pressure and ascend the dooming steps with them? Why has it suddenly become socially unacceptable to to take advantage of pure genius innovation? Why do I feel guilty for taking the elevator???

Are elevators unacceptable?



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