I'm Just Saying

A Letter


Dear Thor,

I’ve been thinking about writing this letter for a long time. And because I’ve been thinking about it so much, I think I’m just going to do it. I do feel a little guilty, because the pictures that are associated with this post will draw people to it and they will legitimately think I’m writing a letter to the Norse god. Or at least Chris Hemsworth.


This is, however, a letter to neither of them. This is a letter to the boy who sat next to me in my Humanities class two years ago. He had long blonde hair and a blonde beard and always wore white high top Nike’s. (Please don’t call me creepy. I’m a writer, it’s my job to be observant, okay? I am hoping, though, that the fact that I’m sharing these observances and writing a fairly public letter to you two years later isn’t creepy.)

I called you Thor. For obvious reasons, of course. To my roommates, because yes I told them about you later, you were also Thor. Every Tuesday and Thursday they would say, “OH! It’s HUMANITIES today!!! Say hi to Thor for me!!”

Regrettably, I never actually did this for them. Besides the fact that that would’ve been kind of weird, I never did it because I never spoke to you. You passed me my quizzes a million times. Even though we always sat next to each other, to be fair there were always a few empty seats between us, I never spoke to you. I will point out that you never spoke to me either but that’s not what this letter is to tell you.

I always got to class first because my previous class was just down the hall, and every day you got there just a few minutes before it started. And you chose to sit by me every day, on the second row. But still I never said a word.

All I really wanted to tell you was that someday I was going to talk to you. If all I even saidthor 2 was hi or to tell you that you did a good job in your group presentation or something, I was going to talk to you. The last day of class rolled around and I was going to say something before you left.

But then you left early. I never got to say anything. I never talked to you. And now, sometimes, I think about that. My old roommates sometimes bring it up, just to be funny. Truth be told, I really don’t know much about you. I remember your real name, but other than that I never got the opportunity to know you because I never spoke.

So, to Thor, the boy who sat next to me in Humanities two years ago, I just wanted to say:

Thank you for handing me my quizzes. And by the way, you did a great job in your group presentation.


The Red Head You Sat By


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