For Laughs

The Eleventh Hour

awkwardNothing like waiting until 11:16 pm to being working on the daily prompt for the day! I am going to be totally honest with you, which is something I’m a fan of. I’ve gotten to this point in my life where I’m just tired of everyone’s fluff and I’m ready to be real. So, I’m writing this post for two reasons.

#1 Traffic on my blog is bad…really bad. This possibly has to do with the fact that I keep posting at the times my stats say are the worst. Of course. But seriously! It’s been a while since anybody was around. I’ve been so excited about posts recently and then I just sit here looking at the stats bar like…cool. I had a good story, but I guess I’ll just go eat chocolate now. And come back in five minutes to see if anybody agreed with me. Anyway, Daily Prompts usually help kick start the process of making us all feel better about our stats.

#2 I spent a really long time hunting down my bucket list, which I posted many moons ago, only to find that it has 8 items on it. Granted, this is an old bucket list but to be truthful the items on it are either the same or have been replaced by other items. So I feel like there would still be roughly 8 items on this list even if I were to rewrite it.

So now that we are all clear as to why I’ve written this post, we come to the very sad conclusion that I can’t even answer the prompt. So. There’s that.



4 thoughts on “The Eleventh Hour”

  1. Tip: Add links to all the other participants of the daily post. Similar to the one in my recent post

    If you have ample time then comment on the links that you just linked; that is how you can create traffic on daily prompt

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