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Give It A Little Soul

platoToday I want to talk about something very important to me. Something that I’ve talked about a few times, but nevertheless it’s a huge part of my life and today I just want to share a few more of my thoughts about it.

Ever since I can remember, music has been the background noise of my life. Music of all genres and eras. Music is attached to every special memory I have, music brings sounds and smells and emotions I could never describe. As a writer I’ve often been a little jealous of the ability that music has to say absolutely everything without saying anything.

I love music because underneath the lyrics or the instrumentals there are always a millioneverything layers of other meanings. I love music because when I have a bad day and I turn on my favorite music a feeling of peace and calm instantly washes over my soul and I let out a very deep breath of “everything is alright now”.

In fact, this happened to me last night. After returning home from work I was feeling a little bit stressed about a few things and I turned on some of my favorite music. That wave of peace and calm was instantly there and all of the sudden the stress was gone. It’s the small moments like this that make me grateful for the creation of happy things.

And I love music because it is through music that I have had some of my most profound answers from God and special moments in life. Just recently I was reminded of how amazing God is, how much He knows me, simply because my sister showed me an up and coming musical artist that I have completely incorporated into my existence as if his music was always there.

piece of artAnd how simple is that? I’ve been struggling a little bit the past couple of weeks, and how simple that finding a new musical artist gave me the kick start I needed? This gave me not only an even deeper appreciation for the role of music in my life, but helped me realize that it truly is the small things in life that weave our happiness. I didn’t need anything grand or incredible, just a couple new songs and my life was instantly a brighter, happier, and more creative place.


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