For Laughs, I'm Just Saying

Power Down

Consider this post a call for help from my fellow writers. I don’t often get comments on my posts, but today I’m begging you to share your feelings because I really need help. (Understatement of the century…)

scenariosHere is my problem:

No matter what I do, I literally CANNOT turn off my writer’s brain. Most of the time this is a really good attribute to have: it means that I noticed pretty much everything and can repeat conversations back to you almost word for word. This is the mind of a writer.

However, today this is an attribute which is probably going to drive me to madness. The downside to having a constant writer’s brain is that you start over analyzing EVERYTHING.

I had an experience last night that I have relived no less than 50,000 times in my head and now I’m to the point of thinking I’m a complete idiot simply because I have a hard time enjoying conversations for what they are and not dissecting them later.

So, here is the question to which I am praying you have heaven sent answers:

How does one power down?


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