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Featuring: Pippin

descriptionSo far, Feature Fridays have been an interesting journey for us. When I began Feature Fridays I just assumed that I’d always be featuring different people who have had some kind of impact in my life: whether they were historical figures or the people I talk to every day. Last Friday, however, I ended up featuring my love of music. That was so fun!

So today, say hello to Peregrin Took!

More commonly known as the character Pippin from The Lord of the Rings  by J.R.R Tolkien.

After much deliberation on who to feature today, this seemed almost glaringly obvious. The Lord of the Rings were the first books that I completely fell in love with. For as long as I can remember, my inner child’s heart has belonged to Middle Earth. And given this extensive history, I can totally say that Pippin has long held my heart as one of the best characters in the story. intelligence

Now, trust me, I could probably go on and on about Merry and Pippin and their amazingness. Let’s not even dream of what this whole story would be without them. But the simple reason that I’ve decided to feature Pippin today is because I feel that, as whole, he is the character that grows the most throughout the story.

In the beginning he is this childlike person always getting into trouble, and by the end he is instrumental in the defense of Gondor. Pippin’s growth and character development is one that takes longer than others. He seems to have to learn the difficult way in order to “grow up”. But what is so endearing about Pippin, what makes him a truly wonderful character worthy of study, his is heart.

weapon of choiceHe makes mistakes just like all of us do, but he never gives up trying to do the right thing. Even when the whole world turns against him, even when he is afraid, he does all he can to prove himself and make things right again. There is a moment in Pippin’s story when he is basically alone, when he must decide for himself, by himself, what he is going to do. But even in this incredible development and growth, you never lose that signature playfulness and love of life that makes Pippin who he is.

Pippin is, simply put, incredible.


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