For Laughs


jimmuI’ve thought a lot about mottos throughout my life. I know that specific families have mottos, that people come up with mottos for their own lives. The Scottish clan I am descendant from has a motto, which I hold very special.

But rarely have I ever considered adopting a personal motto of my very own. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I pretty much already have several tiny mottos that I just live by
  2. I’m not very good at sticking to routines and things that feel forced. I don’t love the cagey feeling because I’ve got this red hot streak of rebellion in my soul. Odds are I’d come up with a fantastic motto and then not follow it simply because I was telling myself to.

But today I want to talk specifically about one of the tiny mottos that I live by fearlessly. And it is this:

Always, always, ALWAYS have coolness for the delivery dude.

Particularly the Jimmy Johns delivery dude, but all delivery dudes in general. I cannot count the times that the Jimmy Johns delivery dude has literally saved me from starvation. Always give the delivery dude the right of way, do all you can to make the delivery dude’s life easier. Because the delivery dude is saving the world one sandwich at a time.

Always be cool to the delivery dude.


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