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daisiesToday feels like summer. The cool air early this morning wasn’t quite so sharp as it is in the spring, and the trees are blooming with beautiful white flowers. There is a feeling of breathless movement but also perfect stillness  – I think that’s really how summer feels. It is this perfect space in time where time doesn’t really move and the sun is brilliant and warm and everything is green and growing. There is creativity, vitality, and life. There is dust in the air and time with family in the evenings. Summer is brilliant.

It has been an interesting little while since I last posted. I’ve been thinking a lot (shocking, right?), and though I don’t exactly have a list of things to show for all this thinking, I do feel hope.

Have you ever had those times in your life when you seem to be in a rut? Just kind of…stuck?

Not that I’m wishing such experiences on anybody but I sincerely hope you have because this would mean that I am not alone in this land. A lot of this feeling stuck has to do with my creativity. It’s like all my writer juices packed up and took a vacation like they think they’re allowed to do that. I mean, come on, writer juices. We’ve been together a long time. But I am pleased to announce that they are coming home. So that’s nice. fields

Another thing I’ve been really thinking a lot about lately is just life in general. Though there are some things I’ve been struggling with, things are going pretty well for me overall. I’ve just been wondering a lot more about what I want to become.

I think it can be so easy to get lost in to-do lists. I know that I am totally a culprit of this. Because I’m very easily distracted, to-do lists are pretty much the only way that I get anything accomplished. But I think I get so used to them that it translates from daily things to do to a way of life, which isn’t something  I would recommend to anybody. We can just get so lost in what we do that we fail to realize that what we need to be is what’s really important.

And today I want to be like summer. Brilliant and hopeful.


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