For Laughs, I'm Just Saying

Logical Stories

typeWhen a story first comes to me, it is an incredibly exciting feeling. It’s almost as though somebody is singling me out – find me specifically to tell their story. I start getting all giddy, feeling it all come to me. It’s almost like watching a movie. But in this magical system there is very often a glitch.

Most of the time I only know half of the story.

Seriously, I’ll come up with this fantastic plot line, be thinking about it, imagining it all and then…nothing. My mind goes black. And I find myself sitting here with half of a story. And so then I sit down and try to be logical – which is in itself a story – and think things like: Okay, what would happen next? If this were real, what would logically occur after this?

Sometimes this logical approach works, other times it doesn’t.

Let me tell you, it is extremely hard to write a novel when you only have half a plot line. I mean, I’ve done it before, but what ends up happening is you just keep writing things until the story just kind of forms itself without you. I guess it’s a kind of adventure this way, however this spontaneity means I’ve never, in all the years I’ve wanted to be a writer, sat down and actually planned out a novel. It’s always been something along these lines: Event, tiny I-don’t-knows, Event, tiny I-don’t-knows, Event, tiny I-don’t-knows, LIMBO.

The problem is that it has never bothered me until now. Now, when I want so badly to be half finishedserious about my writing and have some form of a plan. I think of plot lines and don’t even know where to go or what to do. It’s all a little hazy.

This series of events has led me to the possibility of to conclusions: I must either break through this wall and establish a new way of writing, or I must go back to what was already working and stop worrying so much.

I’ve yet to come to any sort of conclusion. Naturally.

Because we all just realized that the reason this happens in my novels is because it happens to me daily.

And this post has escalated very quickly into headache material.

You are now acquainted with my life as a writer.


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