I'm Just Saying

Standing In A Nice Dress

Sometimes we are blessed with incredible moments of clarity. The fog of confusion clears away and suddenly everything in our life makes sense. Everything fits into place.

moonThese are beautiful moments. Moments when you look around and you just know that it is a moment that you are never going to forget. It’s so beautiful it almost hurts.

I have a handful of memories like that. Christmas mornings. Summer night parties. Holding a new baby nephew. The first time I won a Speech Competition. The orange moon during potato harvest. The first time I went on stage. The first time I finished my first masterpiece novel. Dancing with my best friends to Frank Sinatra. Walking the streets of Texas.

It is my opinion that life is made up of these small moments of clarity. They are the threads that tie us together, that form who we are. They are little moments, dream-like moments that feel like heaven. It’s moments like these that make premature good-byes and unfinished stories worth it. They make the hard things okay again. As simple as it sounds, I’m so grateful for memories. They are our very own thoughts and feelings, a book of our lives that we get to carry around with us.

Today I’m thinking of one of these moments in particular. I was with a group of new fireworksfriends training for an incredible experience. We only had 12 days together, and at this point we’d only known each other about a week. It was Independence Day, and we were standing outside with hundreds of other people just like us, watching fireworks explode into an indigo sky decorated with stars. We were holding glow sticks and eating ice cream bars. I looked at all of them and knew it was one of those moments. Because everything made sense.

I think I’m thinking about it today because one of those friends has been on my mind recently. We all became so close, like family, and promised we’d always stay in touch. But I think that even though you mean those things, life can get in the way. But like I said, memories like this make unfinished stories worth it.


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