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Have you ever come to a point in your life when you feel like you’re on the edge of something? And maybe you’re not sure what that edge is. It could be the edge of something fabulous. It could be the edge of something scary. And for a while you walk along this edge, teetering a little, sort of treacherously.

You’re not sure whether to just jump or move away from the edge, perhaps go a different direction and find other opportunities. It is a strange sort of fork in the road for you. But greenfor a small moment in time you simply walk along the edge, stand there, thrilled in the prospects and terrified at the unknown.

This sort of “two roads diverged” moment has happened to me rather often in my life, and probably has happened to you. I believe that there are times to jump and times to walk away. But the moment of standing on the edge is always treacherously exhilarating.

A very wise woman that I know has often counseled me in situations like this in my life. She has counseled me to both plunge and walk away, but each time, no matter what, she always uses the phrase, “Just feel your way through it.” Whether I’m leaping or walking, she helps me remember to do it all with presence of mind, with hope and clarity.

In this way, whether I’m taking the dive to new things or turning to them, I know what is happening. I know there is hope and light on the other side of whatever I’m confronting, and probably within it, too. It means I’m not alone, even when I’m not the edge.


8 thoughts on “Treacherous”

  1. Yes, I’ve definitely felt this way before! It’s hard to deal with – because I feel like I’m in constant doubt. My way of dealing with it is getting lots of perspectives from different people in my life and sometimes writing it out helps too, just to simplify things for myself.

    1. I can totally relate to the constant doubt. I really appreciate you sharing how you deal with this type of thing, I am very similar in how I deal with it! Thank you for visiting!

  2. You’ll find that 30 years from now, you’ll still find times when you’re teetering on that edge. At 50, i’m now on the cusp of one of those edges. Do I continue on with my current life plan (it’s fairly safe and predictable) or jump off the edge and see if I’ll be able to fly? Surprisingly, these choices can get harder rather than easier with time and experience. There are more people relying on me now, but I’m tempted to test a new set of wings.

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