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Tacos & Salaries

inspire youIf I had to make a list of my best friends, my older sister Jamie would be very near the top. At the age of 26, she is the mother of five children (the oldest is not yet 6) and has been a wife for 8 years. She is beautiful, ridiculously funny, and an incredible wife, mother, and sister. I spend at least one day a week at her house, playing with her crazy wonderful children and talking about boys. I tell her everything, and she listens attentively while doing the 9 million other things that are on her plate. Besides helping me in innumerable ways, Jamie teaches me things that she doesn’t even know she teaches me.

A few weeks ago when I was at her home, her husband called her during his lunch break. While I was holding because of youtheir six month old baby, I listened to them have an entire conversation about what he was eating for lunch that day. Tacos.

The next week when I was at their house he came home from work that evening, greeted everybody, and then started talking to Jamie about his salary at his new place of work. While they didn’t go into any specifics with me in the room, they still had a very serious conversation.

In the last weeks I’ve been thinking about these two conversations quite a bit, and about how they relate to each other. I’m sure that Jamie and her husband have no idea how much these two instances have impacted me. But they have.

the reasonThese two interactions have taught me that when you find the person with which you can have the conversations that don’t matter, the ones about tacos, and the ones that do matter, about salaries, you’ve hit gold. And eventually the conversations that didn’t matter will be the only ones that do, and the ones that did will be the ones that end up not mattering. If you can find a person who can make you laugh even when you’re angry with them, a person who knows when you’re making fun of them but lets you do it anyway, or a person who will call you on their lunch break to talk about their meal, you should probably never let them go.



4 thoughts on “Tacos & Salaries”

  1. This post is so, so beautiful! I love how you wrote about your sister’s family with such humility and respect! You’re incredibly lucky to have an older sister like that!!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments! I will completely agree with you, in the most humble way possible of course, that I’m incredibly lucky to have her.

  2. The person you marry should always make it easy to carry on a conversation regardless of what the topic is. If you feel uncomfortable talking about the serious stuff or the embarrassing stuff, re-evaluate the relationship. It sounds like your sister has it right.

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