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black and whiteFor me, 2016 began with so many promises. Promises of success and hope, of fresh beginnings and so many adventures. Somehow I just knew that it was going to be a year to remember.

And how here I sit on July 18, 2016, the end of the semester finally here and looking back on the last seven months. Even though 2016 is not over yet, in fact it’s barely past the half way mark, I can say fervently that I have, in fact, learned a plethora of lessons. It has been a year to remember. I was right about that.

But it hasn’t been in the ways that I anticipated.

This year is the year that has taught me about love. All different types of love. But when I really get down to thinking about all of these lessons, I realize that no matter what “type” of love it is, love doesn’t change. Love is love no matter what.

I have learned that love goes hand in hand with forgiveness. I have learned that love goldrequires humility. I have learned that love has a way of worming its way into your heart, even when your heart is usually very closed and locked. I have learned that love can make you feel frail and vulnerable, while also making you feel tremendously strong.

It has been a hard several years in my family, particularly because of the actions of one of my siblings. This year I have learned that love can overcome even that.


1 thought on “2016”

  1. I enjoyed your reflections on love, especially on how it is not limited to the romantic kind. I hope that the months and years ahead are easier for your family xx

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