Just Writing



We walk unattended
By ghosts of doubt

The sky is indigo
All is now

Somewhere in the middle
Of pink and red

Tears are falling
At what was said

Confessions and hopes
Understanding plain

In the dark after the moon
All is hidden again

Caverns deep and wide
Filled with amour

Close it all again
As it was before

A frenzied wind
Pulling at red hair

A raw heartbeat
Such to repair

Conflicted embraces
Closed doors

Wide and very deep
Deeper than before

Caverns now open
To every kind of flow


4 thoughts on “Caverns”

    1. Thank you so, so much! Oh, my goodness, what did I do to deserve you? Thank you so much for always commenting and loving my work. You’re incredible! Thank you for understanding the depth of this poem. The thing is that it didn’t take me long to write, it was one of those things that just flows out of you and then later you realize how much of your soul went into it. That makes sense, right?

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