I'm Just Saying

Just Remember…

When I blog, I feel tremendously wise. I’m always blogging about things that I feel very deeply, things I want to believe, things I want to remind myself. I love writing because I think that once you get something written down, it makes it permanent in a very special way. Blogging has always been a very therapeutic thing for me because of that. It is a way that I can put everything that’s tangled and confused in my brain into an orderly fashion. It’s a way I can realize what is true and what isn’t.

For this blog, I want to remind myself to remember.

  • Remember the answers I’ve received, and stop worrying about how.
  • Remember the joy I’ve experienced recently, and how it has changed me.
  • Remember to keep a new perspective.
  • Remember to stay hopeful.
  • Remember to see myself the way I should.
  • Remember that there is good in everything.
  • Remember that everything will always work out.
  • Remember that there is a tremendous amount of joy to be had.
  • Remember that love is an abundant and healing thing.
  • Remember that I am more than my worries.

Just remember.


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