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Noble & Brave

brave-wingsMany of you know that my ancestry is Scottish. Most of my ancestors came to the United States from Scotland, and this is an incredibly important thing to me. My ancestry means more to me than I could ever explain accurately.

I’m sure that most of us have seen the movie Braveheart, and to be truthful there are many and varied opinions of this movie. The jokes and jibes where this movie is concerned have been plentiful over the years. But I love this movie so much, because I think that if you can get to the root of it, what’s it is really trying to say, it embodies absolutely everything that those people stood for and wanted to accomplish.

One day I was watching the extras for the film and watched an interview with the actress who plays the Princess of Wales. While describing her character, she said something I’ve never been able to forget, “I think that she is a very noble person.”

Despite the historical inaccuracies of her character being in the film, this hit me so hardqueen because it is true. She is a very noble woman, and I find that very inspiring. It has led me into a debate that has lasted years over the question: What does it mean to be noble?

This question, combined with others that always course through my mind while I watch this movie, always gives me a strange sort of empowerment. It helps me feel the bravery of a man who set out to obtain freedom and justice for his countrymen, and never lived to see it.

It helps me feel brave. And it helps me understand the concept of being noble.

To be both noble and brave is a rare thing, I think. But I want to be those things.

be-braveBeing brave is scary, honestly, but I guess that’s the point. I had an incredible moment last night when I realized that when you’re brave, it means to look forward with an eye towards peace. You’re doing something hard, but something that will bring you peace and happiness later in life.

To be noble is the highest thing I think you can be. It is to be brave and strong, yet understand your weaknesses and frailties. It is to take the purest, best part of yourself and project it outwards to the world.

Let’s be noble and brave, shall we?


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