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orions beltWhen I was serving my religious mission, I was sent to a very small town in the hills and woods of East Texas. I loved it there instantly because it was much like my hometown. My very first night there, as we parked the car and walked inside, I noticed how bright the stars were. One thing I loved about Texas, and miss very much, is the vast Texas sky. I’ll never know the reason behind it, but for some reason the sky is bigger and bluer there. It holds more stars and more sunlight.

The stars that I noticed that night were right above a blank spot in the treeline: Orion’s Belt. It was positioned absolutely perfectly in the sky so that each night when we arrived home, I looked up and saw it as I got out of the car.

I was in that small, incredibly wonderful town for six months, and as the time passed I watched Orion’s Belt move across the sky, closer and closer to me with the changing of the seasons. But no matter how it moved, it always stayed exactly the same. It was always changing, and yet forever constant.

It became something I looked forward to at the end of the day, looking for this constellation that I quickly adopted as my own. And to tell you the absolute truth, I’m not really sure why. It just became a habit: to look up and see it there, twinkling at me. Even though I always knew it would be there, I always looked, and it never failed to comfort me or give me hope.

To this day, every now and again I look up at the night sky and instinctively begin looking real van gogharound for Orion’s Belt. And every time I find it, I am reminded of that consistency and dependability, but also of change. That time in my life, while incredibly wonderful and sweet, was also very hard. But it was the small things, like looking for a constellation, that helped me remember God. It helped me remember to have faith in the face of change and uncertainty, to be dependable and loyal in all things.

All of us face change every single day. Sometimes it is good change that we’re excited and happy about, and other times it is hard change. I think we could all agree that as people, it is important that we change and grow. And yet, amidst this life of change, there are some things that never change, that shouldn’t change.

I believe that truth, love, and faith are just a few of these things. Though they may evolve, or we may evolve to allow for more of them, they don’t change. Kind of like a constellation.



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