Frankly Speaking

As you may or may not have noticed, a lot of what goes on around this blog of mine mentions another individual. That individual is, of course, Frank Sinatra.

FranklyI’m creating this page for those of you who haven’t been following me since the beginning, and so do not understand this thing I’ve got going on. It really isn’t enough to say that I am merely a Frank Sinatra fan, although it is certainly true. There is actually a long and complicated story behind it, which I will not record on this page.

This is not a Frank Sinatra blog. This is a blog about my life. However, since Frank happens to come up in my life quite often, it is 1000% likely that I’ll post about him every now and again. After all, he is Frank Sinatra. So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this FYI page, and even more than that, I hope you enjoy your time on my blog!


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