A Post About Decisions

One of the first things that I will say about myself is this: I have a terrible time making decisions. Absolutely terrible, it’s true. It takes me almost ridiculous amounts of time to make decisions.

46b8eb15ab062bd1d86d73766bc9d598However, the reason behind this isn’t what you’re probably thinking. It is not just because I’m a terribly indecisive person. You see, I’m really big on commitment. I have to know that when I make a decision, I’m not going to back down. It takes me along time to make decisions because I want to be sure I can be committed once I do make my decision. And for this reason, my decision-making process is usually rather painful.

I basically know from the get go what I’m going to choose, but it takes me a very long time before I’ll actually admit that I’m going to do it. I have to take the time to study things out in my mind, weigh all of the different options, and then at the end of the process I usually chuck all of that and make the decision I knew I was going to make in the first place.

I guess what it all boils down to is that in the end, you eventually have to make a decision, and sometimes you just have to go for it. You may not know what’s going to happen, you may be scared. But you have to do something, and so you might as well do it.