The Write Stuff

In my posts I speak often about my writing, and about how being an author is so important to me. However, I don’t ever post excerpts of my writing or anything, in fact I don’t talk much about my projects at all. It’s partly because I’m slightly worried to do so, and partly because I just have never thought to. Well, I’ve decided to change that up a bit by creating this page. I’ll use this page to give you a sneak peak into my current projects, and hopefully, to get some feedback as well!

Current Project: Titled “One For My Baby”

Brief Description:

Set in 1954 Newport, Rhode Island. This is the story of a young socialite named Rosemary Covington. From the get go, Rosemary is a different sort of member of the “rich crowd”. While understanding that her life just is the way that it is, she also finds some things about the wealthy life oppressive. She has only just recently graduated university with a degree in journalism, and her ultimate goal would be to move somewhere and use this degree for something worthwhile. Things take a turn, however, when her views about life are challenged by two very different men and one very big secret.

Personal Thoughts:

I am head over heels in love with this book! The setting is absolutely incredible, and quite honestly this is the perfect example of: write the book you want to read. I’ve always wanted to write something set in the 1950s. The era fascinates me to no end, and I honestly can’t get enough of writing this book!

The characters have been very fun for me as well, because many of them are based off of people that I know. It has been a unique and fun challenge to translate them into characters of a novel. I have enjoyed this project so much that I actually never want to finish writing the book! That in itself has been a fun problem to have. I can’t wait to see where this project takes me.


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